Be a part of the Tenoli network, a network of micro businesses that collaborate among each other in order to grow competitively and earn many free benefits!

Our List of Classes and Training Sessions

Business Administration

Understand how your business really works – analyze your daily sales and profit margins.


Learn how to sell more – analyze your store’s layout and visibility, craft valuable promotions and communicate it to customers.


Learn the essentials – calculate and declare taxes, bills and procedures with SAT.

General Management

Don’t lose out! Learn how to comply with administrative and legal requirements.

Planning and investing

Make profitable and safe investments! Get support and advice on your investment plans and reach your goals.

Inventory Management

Never run out of stock! Optimize your inventory by analyzing the space available in your store, and your sales and supply orders.


Use modern technology, including an array of social networks, to help your business grow.

My Resources

Mobile Application

Stay connected with Tenoli, fellow store owners, and distributors.

Payment Terminal & Point of Sales

Manage your sales and inventory.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels can reduce your electricity bill.


Subscribe to life, health, or theft insurance.


Apply for credit to finance your new business venture.

My Products

Collective Buying

Get more for less from suppliers by joining together with other store owners to increase your purchasing power.

Variety Offer

Increase your variety! Gain access to a wide range of products from additional distributors.

Factors of Differentiation

Make your store stand out! Offer your customers products and services, like Air Time.

Tenoli Color Codes

We work closely with you, giving you feedback each step of the way in order to help you improve. As you progress, you move up the color code ranks!



We’ve made a couple of visits to learn more about you and your business, tell you about our programs, and see if you’re interested.



We’ve found out about your needs and discovered how we can help you build the key skills you need to improve.



You‘re now officially part of our network! Come to our weekly training workshops, and join one of our specialized programs for personal feedback.



Only the best of the best become Stars! You’ve been working closely with Tenoli, shown incredible growth, and your business is doing great!

Visit our centers to receive training, resources and products!

Office hours 9-5pm of Monday through Friday



Nezahualcóyotl – Metropolitana


Centro Agicola

Oriente 253 No. 433 local “A”

entre calle Sur 26 y calle Sur 29 A

Col. Agricola Oriental Del. Iztacalco C.P 08500

Teléfono: 75 77 13 35

Centro Santa Cruz Meyehualco

Mercado Felix Cuevas locales 42 y 43

Col. Santa Cruz Meyehualco entre avenida 2 y avenida 4

C.P 09290 Del. Iztapalapa

Teléfono: 26 08 58 72

Centro Metropolitana

Indio Triste,

entre Ermita y Mixcalco,


Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico

Teléfono: 76 50 57 63


tenoli agricola

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Nezahualcóyotl – Maravillas

Centro Maravillas

Esquina Calle 17, Sultepec 33

Colonia Maravillas

Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico

Teléfono: 36 93 91 30

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