Hugo Sánchez

Operational Manage

Hugo holds a degree in comercial relations from IPN, with experience in the management and coordinaton of projects related to poverty, youth and volunteering, in the social and public sectors. With a great entrepreneurial mindset, and a strong interest for Marketing, he is helping TENOLI contribute to a more just society.


Liz Hernandez


Liz has gained 15 years of experience in administrative positions and system control both in the private and public sectors. Dynamic, imaginative and creative, she always has been committed to solving social issues in her community.


Jahelt Sánchez


Jahlet is one of TENOLI’s main pillars and is responsible for the development of TENOLI’s network of stores in Iztapalapa. Her main task is to open doors in her community, explain who we are and what we do, and identify the key needs of micro-businesses in the eastern part of Mexico City.


Marco Lopez

Business Expert

Student of Faculty of Political and Social Science, UNAM. Degree in International Relations. Entrepreneurial events coordinator, certificated English teacher. In charge of the English classes as well as the business administration program in the center of Santa Cruz Meyehualco. Helps on the production and edition of promotional videos.


Itzel Rodríguez

Business Expert

Faculty of Political and Social Science, UNAM. Degree in International Relations. Sales and products promotion. In charge of the Marketing class in the Tenoli center of Santa Cruz Meyehualco (giving teaching classes, developing new content, s etc.)


Azucena Orduña

Business Expert

Degree in Industrial Engineering, faculty of Engineering, UNAM. Social service in the unity of at Research and Technical Assistance in Materials at the Faculty of Engineering at UNAM, in Research and Technical Assistance in Materials. In charge of the fiscal accounting workshops and the business administration programs.