TENOLI is your bridge to Mom & Pop stores in Mexico


Our graduates of Harvard are highly committed to marginalized communities and provide valuable information about the complex and challenging picture of the traditional markets within Mexico. In addition, they help you design and implement a personal marketing strategy.



Experiments and Implementation

We leverage our presence in the field and our expertise to test and improve your programs in the traditional sector.

Immersion in the field with focus groups, seminaries, etc.

Innovation Lab:  Test a product, a service, a process or a business idea.

Successful strategies to reach out to the millions of Mexican consumers at the base of the pyramid.

Grassroots marketing campaigns.

Trade Marketing operations.

Knowledge and Insight

Thanks to our daily interaction with shopkeepers and our technology, we can raise information and analyze data about the traditional sector in Mexico.

On sales processes in the traditional market: distribution systems, pricing strategies, etc.

On m&p stores: socio-economic profiles, market segmentation, etc.

What’s happening in the market? How variable and volatile are prices?

How efficient are distribution channels? Who are these Mom & Pop store owners?

What are their needs? How can they be segmented?

Who are the end-consumers? What do they like in their products?

How much are they willing and able to pay for it?

Generation of loyalty and growth

We leverage our trust relationship with the mom&pop stores and our incentives’ schemes to generate loyalty and increase your sales in the traditional sector.

New communication channel with the mom&pop stores.

High social and economic impact.

New loyalty programs.

Incentives schemes to engage the mom&pop stores.

“Neutral face” of Tenoli to improve the interaction with the mom&pop stores.

Multi-stakeholders partnerships.