We create viable and favorable ecosystems for mom & pop stores.


Our strategy consists of placing us directly within marginalized communities through centers of attention for the convenience of our store owners.


Providing Mom & Pop stores with the technological tools that better allow them to run their businesses.

We offer a mobile application and online platform adapted to their needs. Thanks to our alliances, we are also able to offer services to our microenterprises including access to microcredit and micro-insurance. My Resourses 


Strengthening Mom & Pop store owners’ business capacities through different classes and training modules.

We provide educative services through capacity building training courses, in which we teach basic concepts including business administration, accounting, finance, and inventory management. Micro-enterprises are given the tools not only to survive on a day-to-day basis but also to sustainably grow and to be given opportunities to diversify and expand. My Classes 


Helping Mom & Pop stores increase sales by expanding the range of product they sell.

Tenoli wants to challenge the current situation by establishing an effective set of products and services tailor-made to fit each one of our micro-business’ demands and needs. We give each micro-business the tools not only to survive on a day-to-day basis, but also the opportunity to diversify, expand, and grow sustainably. My Products 

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Committed stores within our network



Strengthening the economic and social importance of Mom & Pop stores

These micro-businesses are an essential part of social and economic life in Mexico. Yet Tenoli recognizes that many of these micro-businesses lie in a precarious situation – excluded from the formal sector and most public services and programs. They lack access to the information, resources opportunities necessary for growth.

Our personal engagement and our interaction with the community.

Tenoli works hard to build a relationship of reliability and trust with a network of Mom & Pop stores. These relationships give the storeowners access to support, the confidence to experiment and the ability to turn their businesses around.

The role played by the private and the public sectors in the inclusion and growth of micro enterprises

Tenoli is a native Nahuatl word, meaning ‘bridge’. This word was chosen as an reminder of Tenoli’s vision: to achieve economic inclusion by connecting microbusinesses with the public and private sector. We work directly with all of our Mom & Pop stores to provide them with the necessary tools and opportunities to foster their growth in a sustainable manner. Through this bottom-up, grassroots development, these Mom & Pop stores can fully seize their socio-economic role in the Mexican society.

Holistic solutions that are fair, accessible, and tailor-made to micro-businesses

Our inclusive business supports Mom & Pop stores to be competitive and grow. Tenoli offers a holistic, customized set of tools to build sustainability, and provide access to resources and opportunities to meet every microbusiness’ need. We foster inclusion into the formal economy by providing a platform to connect these micro-businesses with public and private sector players.

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