Tenoli was born from an ambitious vision: to unify and strengthen the thousands of mom & pop stores in Mexico in order to make them more modern and competitive.

Today the lack of investment needed to scale our operations, grow our network of stores, and build a more sustainable model has led us to take this decision to close the company.

Nevertheless, we are extremely proud and honored to have built such strong bonds with thousands of families in Iztapalapa, Iztacalco and Ciudad Neza, and to have achieved such a great impact in these communities.

Thank you to all the shopkeepers who trusted us and were part of the largest network of mom & pop stores in Mexico!

Thank you to all who believed in us and for having been part of this project that managed to give power to families and small businesses, and strengthen the local economy!

At Tenoli we are proud to have left a legacy in the areas in which we operated. Mom & pop stores will continue to be the protagonists of our neighborhoods and the heart of our local economies. We say goodbye full of pride and love for what we built, and also of dreams for the opportunities that will come.

We will see you later!

Power to mom and pop stores!

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