“Mexicans have been going to the mercado and tianguis since the Aztecs. It is in our way of life.”— Large Mexican retailer’s CEO

Importance of mom&pop stores in Mexico’s society


Each Mexican family visits a tiendita an average of 276 times a year

750 000 Mom & Pop stores operate in Mexico

6 million Mexicans work informally in food and beverage retailing


Our research shows that most Mom & Pop stores in Mexico are excluded from both public and private services. These micro-businesses have three key needs.

Access to Training

Firstly, owners need intensive training which will enable them to compete with the larger supermarket and mini-mart franchises expanding into the area.

Access to Resources

Secondly, they need access to the business resources essential for growth: capital and micro-services, technological improvements for their businesses, and public programs.

Access to Markets

The stores depend heavily on only a few suppliers, leading to small profit margins and little window of opportunity for product diversification, growth and expansion. We provide stores access to the full range of products available.


In addition, these stores face increasing competition from not only other Mom & Pop stores, but also from a growing number of mini-mark chains such as OXXO and 7-Eleven.


There are 14,000 Oxxos in Mexico.

Oxxo open a store every eight hours

Everytime an Oxxo opens, they typically cause 5 tienditas to go out of business.

“Sources: Study TENOLI with 150 mom&pop stores in Iztapalapa.”


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